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Loft Conversion Types


Velux Loft Conversions

Velux WindowVelux and rooflight conversions are the same, Velux are the leading manufacturer of roof windows and with over 60 years experience producing windows the name Velux has become synonymous with this type of conversion. This type of conversion is generally very cost effective and does not normally need planning permission.

Velux windows are installed to fit flush with the line of the roof and leave the existing roof structure untouched. As they do not require extensive alterations to the roof this option helps keep the cost of the conversion down. As the loft is not extended beyond the original roof line planning permission is not normally required (you should still check with your local planning department before proceeding with any works).

Velux Conversion

A velux type loft conversion works very well for lofts where there is a good amount of headroom or if there are constraints on planning, for example if you live in a conservation area. If headroom is going to be limited then a dormer conversion may be a better option. Velux rooflights can be fitted quickly and easily meaning there is minimal disruption or delays due to bad weather.

Velux WindowAs Velux windows are installed at the angle of the roof rather than vertically like a normal window they can let in a surprising amount of light. While this is great during the day and will give you a light and airy room it can become a problem at night or in the summer. Concept can supply window blinds, tailor made for Velux windows that perfectly fit into the window frame. You can even get blinds that have a thermal silver backing, great for retaining heat in the winter and keeping it out in the summer.

View the windows and blinds Concept fit at (Opens in new window).

View a video showing Velux blackout blind installation here (opens in new window)

We offer a stand alone supply and fit price for Velux windows which you can get from our instant quote section now.

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"I would like to thank you for the excellent standard of service and work when completing our loft convertion last year. We first contacted you back in the spring of 2006. You were prompt in replying and arranging a visit. We then received a fully detailed quote, within a couple of weeks. As you had already been recommended by a colleague, we agreed to go ahead. Your estimation, taking into account your existing work commitments, was a start date of mid September.

We had a few months to wait in which you took care of the final design and planning application. The project started the second week of September. Your Team worked very well and were trustworthy, clean and reliable.

Dealing with Concept has been a pleasure. We are very pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. We would not have a problem in showing our loft to future customers if required. I wish you all the best in your up and coming ventures and will no doubt see you in the future."

  Mrs Yates, Ramsbottom



Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Conversion A dormer is an extension to the existing roof, allowing for additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion. Dormers protrude from the roof slope, normally at the rear of the property and can be built in a variety of styles. Internally, a dormer will have a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls compared to the normal diagonal sides of a conversion. In lofts that have limited space or headroom a dormer will provide additional space that can make a conversion feasible.

Flat roof dormers tend to give the maximum amount of additional internal space; Hipped roof dormers look much more atractive but they often do not give as much internal space and will cost more to build due the extra complexity.

Hipped roof dormer                  Flat roof dormer

Hip Roofed Dormer  Flar roofed dormer  Dormer Conversion



Hip to Gable Conversions

Hipped ConversionA hip to gable conversion involves making fairly major changes to the roof. The gable wall is built up to the ridge line and a new section of roof is built to fill in the gap. As a general rule, houses with hip roofs tend to not have enough internal volume for a conversion to be practical so a hip to gable conversion is the best solution.

Hipped ConversionA new gable wall will be built either in masonary or studwork. The new gable wall to match the exisiting walls as much as possible. As a hip to gable conversion changes the outline of the roof planning permission is sometimes required. You will need to determine if the conversion falls within your permitted development allowance. Once the roof has been extended the conversion is normally completed with either velux rooflights or a dormer. Concepts Design Manager will discuss these options with you.


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